Friday, December 25, 2009

we have recorded video of the most significant feat achieved thusfar by Madeleine-kind. We saw the Monolith yesterday...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Here is the first photo I will post of Madeleine... She is enjoying Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa Wise, with a foot of snow on the ground in Lewisburg West Virginia. She is wearing her oversized overalls but they are cute anyway. I guess another reason I decided to start a blog was that she (Madeleine, not Sarah) thrilled all of us by rolling over for the first time yesterday. We will be posting video of this remarkable feet (or feat?) tomorrow as soon as we open our camcorder that we will get from Santa. Until then, picture Steven Seagal in the body above dodging enemy fire with an agile prone roll


Madeleine was conceived one year ago, and born on the ides of September. With our (or for now, their) recent move, as well as Madeleine's first holiday season, we were inspired to try a blog to help friends and family to keep up with the Wimpletons. We were also feeling guilty and envious thanks to Mike and Melanie Guzek's extravagant Maxon blog posts.