Sunday, July 10, 2011


By now, Madeleine's fear of the water is well-documented. In the biological sciences, we refer to this trait as 'hydrophobia.' But don't worry, we love our hydrophobic daughter just the same!

Wave Shy!!!

As I mentioned, Madeleine was a bit timid around the ocean in Santa Cruz. Now, for the first time ever, we have explicit video evidence showing this drastic change in attitude towards the waters...

Circle In the Sand

We took a 'Daycation' (thanks for the verbiage, Dave) to Santa Cruz fourth of July weekend. We avoided the boardwalk and the expensive parking, but got to enjoy the beach and the seals off the pier. Here is some footage of Madi on the beach. She seems a little frightened by the waves - more on that in the next video. Don't tell Belinda Carlisle about this post; I'm not paying any royalties on the title!

First Performance

Madeleine has always been interested in my guitar(s), but she has never taken the initiative to strum and sing at the same time... until now (or whenever I took this video; sometime between September 2009 and yesterday). Looks like we may have a young singer/songwriter on our hands.

Dizzy Badid

Yes, Madeleine has discovered the joys of altered consciousness. Let's hope she doesn't take this trend too far, particularly in her teenage years...

New Friends!

We got a care package for the Fourth of July from Grandma T. that included, among other things, Lightning McQueen (from Cars) and Clifford. What a fun surprise!! Thanks Grandma!

Index Finger Neck Death Jab

Oh I was so happy to see Madeleine after her performance in the parade. And this is how she reciprocates, with a potent finger-to-neck jab!

Pick Me Up, Please!

As I mentioned, most of the kids start to cry when they see their parents. Yes, even the best kids (with the best parents) are prone to show such weakness. Alas, Madeleine is no exception...

July Fourth Parade

Starring Madeleine! Not really, all the kids were great... until they see their parents and start to cry. But what a bunch of cuties!

Wipe It!

No, not talking about any anatomical region. Madi is very demanding when it comes to her whiteboard artwork.